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The Original KFAT Shirt is Back!

Howdy Moose Turd Pie lovers, cowboys, sweethearts of the Rodeo, fat heads, and orphaned faithful of the legendary KFAT radio from Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world!

The original KFAT larger-than-life shirt is back for the first time in 20 years! We are prepared to give you the shirt off our back…made from the original artwork, the original color separations from the first, the original 1976 edition of the KFAT Shirt that changed life as we know it today. No longer do you have to bid for these holy shrouds on eBay, or piece together worn fragments from the furthest reaches of your ancestor’s rag drawer. No longer do you have to limit yourself to one or two wearable icons which no longer fit your expanded girth which reflects your prosperity. No longer do you have to worry about who gets the KFAT shirt in a divorce ruling or in a probate estate that is to be divided to multiple heirs!

From Bakersfield to Santa Rosa, Nashville to Austin you will be the best dressed for any bar-b-que, recital, obligatory dysfunctional family function, school reunion, out patient follow-up, chili-cook-off, mardi gras, spring break, parole hearing or sanctioned stockcar event. Discover who your real friends are and who they would like you to be while wearing this cloak of cultural history. Yes, the 100% cotton KFAT shirt shows that you have already made successful decisions in your life and now…you just don’t care. You are part of an ever expanding family…who will not borrow money from you, but who are delighted that you have chosen a life of aural luxury and musical indulgences once limited to nocturnal coast to coast heavy freight truckers, outlaws, and pirates on horseback of the prairies.

Defy the Space Time Continuum

Back by popular Fathead demand! The Original KFAT Sticker printed on top quality, long lasting mylar... Perfect for your horse trailer bumper, gigging thrashed guitar case, VW Micro Bus, unrestored rusted woody surf wagon, laptop, bar tab, Sho-Bud lap steel, music cred, virtual reality in a largely unreal reality of Road Houses, Honky Tonks, Juke Joints where Graceland meets the old Ryman Auditorium when we were all younger and not much wiser Please don't endorse bootleggers and swap meet interlopers. This is the one and only authentic source ...unless someone found some in a secret stash in a boarding room in Los Gatos or Scott's valley by ex sales staffers for the Fat One from 1977 to 1983. (Not likely, since we created the original design and artwork.)

Please take a photo of you and your new KFAT sticker in some FAT-friendly unique place to fly the FAT and you might see your photo on public display with bragging rights, and the envy of all your friends, in-laws and probation officer!

We whole heartedly recommend you read Gilbert Klein's book "Fat Chance". It tells it like it is..and really was. We give it eleven stars and two thumbs up. Here is the link: and

Stay Fat !!!!...don't let anyone steal your screwdrivers...even if they are only in it for the bucks...Keep it High Cholesterol!