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About the KFAT Shirt

All the anecdotal adulations of the past are yours to enjoy as you proudly wear or horde your own new KFAT Shirt! Reckless disease-free-era sexual attraction, credibility with cowboy crooners to rockabilly rebels, the admiration of fellow fat heads of all persuasions all in 100% American Cotton can be yours. Don’t allow some foolish happenstance lapse of rational logic from the past which caused you to pass along your original KFAT Shirt to further haunt your present wardrobe options.

All shirts are printed on 100% cotton adult Hanes Beefy-Ts®. Shipping and handling is additional for anywhere in the U.S.A. These priceless fashion accessiories are made with tender lovin' care from the original artwork, the original color separations from the first, the original 1976 edition of the KFAT Shirt. (Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.)